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There are other options.

Too many Georgians wake up with chronic neck and back pain every day. Life is about getting through the day rather than enjoying it.

Does this sound like you? Chiropractic can provide relief.

Treat Pain Without Opioids

Opioids: Dangerous pain medicine

Too many people with chronic back and neck pain receive prescriptions for opioids from their primary care providers. Opioids are dangerous pain relievers for the patient and family members, friends and even neighbors who have access to their medicine cabinets. One in four primary care patients become addicted, according to The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

And, research shows opioids are not even that effective. The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine reported that most patients on opioids for back pain still report regular pain and poor quality of life.

Chiropractic: Natural pain relief

Chiropractic care is a proven natural pain relief for back pain, as reported by Healthline. With chiropractic, patients restore movement and function, rather than masking with opioids, which do not address the cause of chronic pain.

This drug-free pain management option is cost-effective and readily accessible. No medical referral is needed (although some insurance policies require specialist referral for chiropractic care.)  Most chiropractic office schedules allow patients with urgent pain to be seen quickly.

Campaign Committee:

Rob Scott, D.C., Ph.D.
President, Life University
Dr. Guy Riekeman, D.C.
Chancellor Emeritus, Life University
Gerard R. Clum, D.C.
Director, The Octagon at Life University
Leana Kart, D.C.
Past President, Georgia Chiropractic Association // Trustee, Life University
Dr. Mary Watkins, D.C.
Chairwoman of the William M. Harris Family Foundation
Norm Colby, D.C.
Director, Georgia Council of Chiropractic
Valerie Smith, CAE
Executive Director, Georgia Chiropractic Association

We stand united against opioids

We’re hundreds of chiropractors across the state of Georgia. We see how chronic pain and opioids destroy lives. And we know they don’t have to.

That’s why leaders at Life University, the Georgia Chiropractic Association and the Georgia Council of Chiropractic united to fight the opioid crisis. We’re relentlessly committed to changing lives. We want to fight the opioid crisis with education about natural pain relief that is proven to work.

A special thanks to The William M. Harris Family Foundation, who made this campaign possible.

Trained to relieve chronic pain

Chiropractors specialize in musculoskeletal and neurological care. Like medical doctors, chiropractors are highly trained, specialized, licensed and regulated.

8 Years

Following an undergraduate education, chiropractors earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, a four-year professional degree

40 hours

Chiropractors are licensed by the State of Georgia and like most other healthcare providers, are required to complete 40 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years, the same amount as required for physicians

4,200 hours

Chiropractors spend 4,200 hours in the classroom, laboratory and clinical internship


“I’ve had patients come in who were so addicted to opioids that they could barely function. Opioids only mask the pain. Chiropractic treats the cause of the pain, improves function and gives patients their lives back.”

Leana Kart, D.C. // Past President, Georgia Chiropractic Association // Trustee, Life University
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