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Neck Pain

Pain Management for Neck Pain

Our Necks Work Hard

While standing, working at a desk and lifting repeatedly, the neck holds the weight of our head and can be easily misaligned and overworked. In addition, aging, poor posture and extra weight all make the pain worse. Neck pain is also caused by tense, tight muscles from injuries or even just regular daily stress.

There is relief available. Chiropractic care can soothe your neck pain while also getting to the source of the problem. Chiropractors evaluate the whole body to determine how best to lessen or eliminate your pain. Often, simple changes to our daily lives can make a big difference.

Chiropractic Care is Natural pain relief

If you are experiencing regular neck pain, call a chiropractor today! Chiropractors help relieve pain with adjustments, stretches and exercises that strengthen your neck. With effective, natural pain relief, chiropractic care can help you get beyond your neck pain and start enjoying daily life again.

Neck pain exercises6 ways to maintain good posture
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Learn how practicing basic posture tips and at home exercises can help with neck and back pain. Every bit helps

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On the left side of the photo: Bottles of fentanyl and kratom are marked out with as bad with the color red. On the right side of the photo: An older gentleman is getting his neck adjusted by a chiropractor. There is a green check mark about this image. Then the title of the blog post sits at the bottom. Newest Opioid Alternative Cause for Concern: Chiropractic Safer. Chiropractic Safer is colored in a dark green.

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Trained to relieve chronic pain

Chiropractors specialize in musculoskeletal and neurological care. Like medical doctors, chiropractors are highly trained, specialized, licensed and regulated.

8 Years

Following an undergraduate education, chiropractors earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, a four-year professional degree

40 hours

Chiropractors are licensed by the State of Georgia and like most other healthcare providers, are required to complete 40 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years, the same amount as required for physicians

4,200 hours

Chiropractors spend 4,200 hours in the classroom, laboratory and clinical internship


“Statistically, 80% of us are going to have some form of back pain in our lifetime. A lot of pain relief goes back to conditioning. Strengthening and stretching regularly can really help relieve back pain. The muscles help fortify the area that’s in pain.”

Dr. Michael Vaughn // Savannah Chiropractic Center
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