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What Are You Sacrificing for Pain?

People will seek treatment when they find that an issue is interfering with the activities that they want to do on a daily basis. It isn’t just the physical pain that pushes them, it is the emotional pain of having something taken away from them…be it sport, family time, work performance, etc.

A chiropractic case study

One patient of Dr. Ben McDowell’s was a female patient in her 30s with a long history of auto immune disorders and bodily pains of different types. She had been prescribed opioid medication by her doctor, but she did not like taking them. Although she couldn’t feel pain when taking opioids, she also couldn’t feel other emotions such as joy when watching her young child achieve milestones like walking and talking. Her doctor wanted to decrease her intake of opioids, or even taper her down and off opioids altogether.

Improving communication in the body

Dr. McDowell started adjusting this patient to remove the misalignments in her spine gently – just like a mechanic will remove the misalignment from a tire. Removing the misalignments of the spine removes the nerve interference in the body. Why is this important? Removing nerve interference in the body is the same as removing interference from cell phones – it restores communication.

When there is no nerve interference, the body’s communication system has the ability to heal the body to the best capacity it has. In this particular patient, it resulted in her taking less opioids, moving around more freely, and being able to better take care of her child. It also restored her ability to experience and feel emotion, which brought her great joy.

That is the effect chiropractic can have on a patient with chronic pain.

Chiropractic works, and my goodness gracious it is a blessing to be able to serve our community through this gift!

“Chiropractic works, and my goodness gracious it is a blessing to be able to serve our community through this gift!” —Dr. Ben McDowell, McDowell Chiropractic, Roswell, GA

Dr. McDowell has been published in a widely circulated chiropractic journal and is now working from his conveniently located Roswell office. He works closely with other chiropractors, helping with patients that have difficult cases, and also partners with other health professionals like massage therapists that have clients in need of his expertise.

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