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Inspiration from personal experience — when the patient becomes the doctor

Enduring back pain with no effective solution put Dr. Amber Jackson in an uncomfortable spot growing up. Her pain became something she just dealt with, something she saw as a problem to manage.

It wasn’t until 10 years into her professional career in the fashion industry, and a car accident, that Dr. Amber discovered the benefits of chiropractic care.

That experience changed her life forever.

The physical challenges of being a student athlete

Dr. Amber is currently a chiropractor at Vaughn Chiropractic in Acworth, Georgia. She loves what she does because she understands the pain her patients are in when they come to see her. That’s because, at one point, she was the patient.

As a student athlete, several injuries led to Dr. Amber experiencing the pain and discomfort of bulging discs in her back. She was only 19. Treatment included injections, pain pills and anti-inflammatories, but nothing decreased the pain permanently and it would always come back.

The results of this chronic problem impacted her through college. Dr. Amber was initially pre-med, and had wanted to become an orthopedic surgeon. However, with her back pain, she couldn’t stand for more than an hour at a time. She could never see herself functioning as a surgeon. Becoming depressed and frustrated, Dr. Amber switched majors.

Her big question, Why become a doctor if they can’t even fix my own problem?

The accident that changed everything

Giving up on medicine, Dr. Amber shifted gears and went into the fashion industry. Her career was going great, but she was still stuck managing her back pain. That is, until a car accident sent her to a chiropractor.

Having assumed these were just “car accident doctors,” Dr. Amber didn’t expect much from her visits. She hadn’t yet put two-and-two together that back pain caused from an accident could get treated the same way as chronic back issues.

Her first visit unearthed her long-standing issues, and within a few visits Dr. Amber finally felt relief in her low back. It was something she’d never experienced with other treatments, ones that simply masked the pain. Since she’d never wanted to undergo surgery, her time with her chiropractor drastically changed the game, giving her back a sense of normalcy she thought she’d never have.

After 10 visits, Dr. Amber no longer had to live with chronic pain. This experience was her “a-ha moment” that changed her professional ambitions for good.

Going back to school

Already interested in a career change when her car accident occurred, Dr. Amber finally had focus on where to go next. She went back to school after dreaming of herself as a successful chiropractor, and got a degree and career that makes her happy each day.

Treating patients, some of whom are in the same pain she lived with for so long, makes each day special and fulfilling. Dr. Amber relies on her own experiences to encourage nervous patients to try chiropractic treatment. She’s always willing to share her story and her results.



Treating patients today

Understanding what it’s like to sit on the other side of the exam room, Dr. Amber takes special care with each patient she sees. She approaches each situation with a nurturing attitude, ensuring everyone feels like a person.

“I try to treat the person, not the issue,” she says, “because that’s what I always wanted when going through my own pain.”

To do this, for Dr. Amber, it’s all about the connection. She’ll hug her patients and do whatever it takes to give them a connection to her and the treatment. Each visit is approached intentionally, with Dr. Amber sitting and talking with her patients to learn about their lives as well as their pain. What’s going on beyond the pain can influence the treatment. The big picture is important.

Every patient that sees Dr. Amber gets the attention and the time they need to feel comfortable receiving an adjustment. Dr. Amber is always ready to tell them, “I know that pain!”

An inspirational approach to welcome patients in

Contributing her own experiences into her time with patients gives Dr. Amber something a little special as a chiropractor, but her approach is one that any chiropractor can use to help anyone unsure of chiropractic care. It can make those who think they’ll never live without pain find hope. It can open the door to more people saying ‘yes’ to the treatment they need to make a difference in their own lives.

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